The Academic Technology Center (ATC) has been supporting web surveys for 10+ years, and the Center for Marketing Technology (CMT) has done so for almost as long. We've learned a thing or two about what makes them succeed (and fail)! We therefore STRONGLY encourage you to review and follow these brief Top Ten Survey Design Tips before conducting any web survey.
We currently support Qualtrics web survey tool, and recommend Google Forms for quick surveys for which you don't need support:

  • Qualtrics: For faculty research, supported by the ATC and for student coursework, supported by the CMT. This tool is replacing Perseus Survey Solutions that we had been using over the past years.

  • Google Forms: Anyone can use this free survey tool in Google Docs. It doesn't have some of the limitations of SurveyMonkey, though it's obviously not a Bentley tool or supported by Bentley.

If you are a Bentley staff member and would like to get help on using Qualtrics, kindly contact Suzanne Cucchi in Client Services @ 781.891.3460 or

Note: If your survey requires personally-identifiable information, contact Bentley’s Institutional Review Board (IRB) to determine whether it needs IRB approval.